Good news for a change: Clean energy for Durham

It's critical to think about the issues informing our vote during election season. As Durham residents, we want our city to play a leading role in combating the dangerous, life-threatening effects of climate change. Instead of a future of heat, hurricanes, and hardship, we want a future with a healthy environment and thousands of good, new jobs that will transition us to a better world for our children and grandchildren. This future depends on us having renewable energy produced without climate-warming CO2 and methane and clean and efficient transportation.

After months of work by PA’s Environment and Climate Justice Action Team members, the City Council on October 5th passed new and improved agreements with Duke Energy, Durham’s energy provider. These agreements create promising new paths toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our city’s electricity supply.

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Apply now to join the 2021 PA Board

People's Alliance is now recruiting committed leaders to join its Board of Directors in 2021!

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Keep up the pressure for tax assistance grants!

Currently, the poorest people in our community pay the highest percentage of their income on property tax. This cost puts many long-time homeowners at risk of losing their homes and being displaced from their neighborhoods, which contributes to gentrification.

People’s Alliance and our partners continue to fight displacement and to keep long-time, low-income homeowners in their homes by calling for tax assistance grants for homeowners facing unaffordable property tax costs. We need PA members to email and call county commissioners now so they know this policy is a priority before their August 10 meeting. 

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