School Voucher Is a Illusory Choice

PA Education Team Co-Chair Page McCullough's guest column was featured in the Herald Sun on 8/30/15. Click to read or full text below:

Regarding North Carolina’s school voucher program, (“Moving forward with vouchers: What’s best for children”), The Herald-Sun, Aug. 18), here’s what we would like to hear our legislators say:

Vouchers are simply one more gear on the bulldozer the majority in the General Assembly is using to drive public education and the children in them over a cliff. Now that the majority has made teaching a lousy career option for the best and brightest, swept books and technology in the trash can, blown up class sizes, locked our youngest out of pre-school and sent teacher assistants packing, they pretend to care about “what’s best for students” by offering vouchers to attend private schools.

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Operations Director Job Posting

The People’s Alliance is Durham’s home of progressive community action and comprises three legally separate organizational entities: The People’s Alliance - a 501c(4); The People’s Alliance Fund - a 501c(3); and the People’s Alliance PAC - a political action committee.  


We are seeking a dynamic and detail-oriented individual to serve in the critical role of Operations Director. This position requires 30-40 hours of work per week and will work in partnership with the Program Director and the Board of Directors to plan and execute a range of People’s Alliance Initiatives.  The ideal candidate will possess excellent administrative and organizational skills, proven communication abilities and also have a passion for and commitment to social justice and progressive political action.  Duties of the Operations Director will include:

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Take Action For Schools

Our public school students and teachers need your help! People’s Alliance is calling for the County Commissioners to approve the budget request from the Durham Board of Education which proposes an increase in the DPS school budget to: 1) Fund School Growth, 2) Save 33 teaching positions, 3) Provide a 3% raise to classified employees, and 4) Increase salary supplements for experienced teachers



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