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Get ready to vote on PA’s City and County budget priorities

The PA has played a role in many successful budget advocacy efforts in our 48-year history. This year, we will determine our advocacy priorities for the County and City Budgets through a membership-wide vote in late April.

On March 29, 2024, PA staff sent an email to all members of the City Council and County Commission, and to our movement partners, asking them to share 3 priorities for this budget cycle that are aligned with our progressive values. The PA Board will organize the responses into a list that will be put before the membership for an online vote. You must be a member by April 15, 2024, to vote on our budget priorities. Join/renew for 2024 now, and look for an email from us later in the month to cast your vote!


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Ceasefire Now


The People’s Alliance calls for Durham City Council to pass a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza. The PA Board voted to endorse the resolution (link) proposed by Council member Chelsea Cook that is on the agenda for the City Council meeting on Monday, Feb 19, at 7pm.

We honor the critical, ongoing organizing led by members of our community to ensure that Durham joins a growing list of cities that have passed a ceasefire resolution. Join the meeting in person or virtually to show your support!

You can find the agenda for tonight HERE.


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