Budget Action FY25


City Council

Consider any and all of the following action steps

  • Attend the Durham For All Rally - May 20th at 5:45
  • Attend the City Council meeting afterwards at 7:00
  • Speak in support of one or more of the PA budget Priorities
  • Send an email to individual City Council Members:

Mayor Leonardo Williams: [email protected]

Mayor Pro Tem Mark-Anthony Middleton: [email protected]

DeDreana Freeman: [email protected]

Chelsea Cook: [email protected]

Nate Baker: [email protected]

Javiera Cabellero: [email protected]

Carl Rist: [email protected]


Email Content

Dear Council Member ___________: As a member of People's Alliance I am writing today in support of all the budget priorities sent to you by the PA board on May 19th. PA represents hundreds of members and moves thousands of voters every election cycle. In our almost 50 year history we have often fought for progressive values and we will continue to do so today.

You can write specifically about a budget request that speaks to you or a simple message of support for all the items in the PA letter to City Council.

Budget Advocacy FY25

OVER 25% participated in first ever budget Vote!

People’s Alliance members have fought in budget cycle after budget cycle to ensure our progressive values are reflected in our local budgets. This year, PA held a membership-wide vote to determine our priorities for budget advocacy.

People's Alliance piloted a new path to determine the budget advocacy priorities for FY25. The items on the ballot were submitted from our Action Teams, movement partners, and elected officials in March and April. The vote aimed to bring the perspectives of as many PA members as possible into our budget advocacy process, building on the work of our members, partner organizations, and elected officials. 

The People’s Alliance is made up of members who are committed to taking action for a more equitable and progressive Durham.

City FY25 Budget Priorities

Wage Increases for City Staff Following the Pay Study 

How much does it cost? Up to $28.5 million (see pages 132-152 in FY25 Council Budget Retreat Presentation)

This request is to honor the results of Durham's Classification and Compensation Study, which aims to ensure competitive salaries based on market conditions. The study’s results will affect the city’s FY24-25 budget and inform future pay scales with a clear trajectory and plan to achieve competitive wages and benefits for city workers.

Address Contaminants in City Parks

How much does it cost? $5,000,000

At least five Durham parks have dangerous levels of lead and other contaminants due to their previous use as waste incinerator sites. Resources are needed for further testing, community engagement and communication, and remediation at these and other sites that may be impacted. 

Durham’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Program

How much does it cost? $1,000,000

This request is to appropriate $1,000,000 to add to Durham’s Guaranteed Income pilot program. From February 2023 to February 2024, the pilot provided $600 per month to 109 formerly incarcerated Durham residents who saw improvements in quality of life and did not re-offend during the year. Justice involvement comes with many collateral consequences, and ongoing, direct cash payments can have the dual effect of stabilizing families and stimulating the local economy.

Staff Member to Leverage Federal Environmental Grant Opportunities 

How much does it cost? $80,000

This request adds staff capacity to identify and apply for the multiple new federal funding opportunities to address environmental justice and support consumers in reducing carbon consumption. These funds were made available at the federal level via the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act.



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PA Campaign for a more Progressive Durham

Get ready to vote on PA’s City and County budget priorities

The PA has played a role in many successful budget advocacy efforts in our 48-year history. This year, we will determine our advocacy priorities for the County and City Budgets through a membership-wide vote in late April.

On March 29, 2024, PA staff sent an email to all members of the City Council and County Commission, and to our movement partners, asking them to share 3 priorities for this budget cycle that are aligned with our progressive values. The PA Board will organize the responses into a list that will be put before the membership for an online vote. You must be a member by April 15, 2024, to vote on our budget priorities. Join/renew for 2024 now, and look for an email from us later in the month to cast your vote!



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