Help local dogs in distress with your gallon jugs and 2-liter bottles!

Animal Control (560-0630) collects clean containers to use for giving water and food to dogs who have nothing when they come to investigate or check up again on animals that have been reported.

Ideal are the water jugs b/c there will definitely be no smell, but cleaned-out milk jugs are good, too. They also use 2-liter juice bottles--the ones that have the black bottoms are the best, because they are more stable.

Also it would be great to help out by cutting them down to 5 inches high so that there is no handle (for gallon); 6 inches high (for juice).

We now have a neighborhood drop-off point (see below); but if you call them, they will pick up from your house. (In this case, please put the bottles in bags and mark them: For Animal Control pickup.)

You can also leave them outside the Animal Shelter (2117 E. Club Blvd.) if Animal Control is not open.

DROP OFF The Lakewood United Methodist Church (corner of Huron St. and Chapel Hill Road) has kindly allowed us to be a drop-off point.

From the Huron St. side there is an entryway (greenish door). The brown 30-gal. container for the jugs is on the right side of the door. Please put your jugs in plastic bags (no marking necessary).

NOTE ROAD CONSTRUCTION THERE: UNTIL AUG. 24, which prevents accessing the church from CH Road. At the moment, you can access Huron from either Wa Wa Ave. or Ward Street.

On Huron at the intersection of Wa Wa and Huron, you'll see "street closed" barriers. Just go in between them and you can get nearly to the church, which is on the right-hand side.


Some advice on cutting the bottles: I find that if I hold the handle and use a large serrated knife pointing slightly downward, I can cut most of the way through. Then I take scissors and do the rest, and go around the edge to make it smooth so it won't hurt the dog. Leaves about 5 inches of container. Takes less than a minute. Then you can easily wash it.

Please pass the word around.


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