Our History

Since 1976, the People’s Alliance continues to prioritize policies and positions that speak to a just, progressive city. Dedicated volunteers and community members have taken up the mantle over the more than 40 years, securing great victories for the people of Durham, including:

  • Creation of a dedicated Economic Development Officer to concentrate on re-developing less affluent neighborhoods.

  • Securing bond packages that leveraged the necessary resources for the City to build affordable housing, the downtown rail, bus and taxi center and other transportation improvements as well as rehabilitating inner city parks.

  • Passing a major projects ordinance that requires City Council to examine setbacks, traffic, height of building, and impact on surrounding neighborhoods before approving such projects.

  • Writing “The Good Durham School: Making Durham Public Schools Work for All Our Children” – a vision for Durham’s schools that includes sections on school governance, student admissions and placement, instruction, assessment and testing, discipline, specialized services and support services.

  • Banning recyclables from the transfer station and the landfill.

  • Lobbying the City Council to defeat a proposal to charge pick-up fees for residential garbage collection.

  • Organizing the Toxics Action Coalition in East Durham to pass the “Right to Know” ordinance through City Council – the first toxics exposure ordinance passed in the South (1983-85).

  • Playing a leading and formative role in establishing the Durham Affordable Housing Coalition.

  • Supporting the elimination of North Carolina’s regressive food tax that hits hardest those who can least afford it, which was successfully achieved in 1998. PA helped achieve the 1998 reduction in the state’s food tax.
  • Calling for impact fees on new development.

  • Working in coalition with other community groups to increase access to local bus service.

  • Ensuring City and County governments provide domestic partner benefits to employees.

  • Fighting efforts to bring electronic billboards that pose safety hazards, diminish quality of life for surrounding neighborhoods, and potentially carry financial obligations for Durham County residents.

  • Creating the People’s Alliance Political Action Committee (PAC) that believes in electing public officials with a progressive vision for Durham and who reflect the racial and economic diversity of our community. PA PAC has contributed to the election of a politically progressive and racially diverse City Council, County Commission and School Board through its endorsements and poll work.


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