Vision Statement

OUR VISION for a Model Progressive Community

We believe in a just, equitable and inclusive community where all people can thrive. This will be possible when everyone:

  • Works to dismantle structural racism and other forms of oppression, including sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia; anti-semitism and homophobia;

  • Supports and advocates for the rights of LGBTQ people;

  • Protects and advocates for the rights of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities;

  • Benefits from effective public education;

  • Votes, stays informed and advocates for the policies we want our elected officials to implement;

  • Can support themselves and their families on full-time employment with living wages;

  • Advocates for workers’ rights to organize for their collective interests;

  • Supports economic justice with a fair, progressive tax system and thriving local businesses;

  • Lives in quality and affordable housing and are not displaced from their neighborhoods as a result of gentrification;

  • Has access to quality and affordable healthcare, childcare, transportation, nutritious food and other basic needs that we all require to lead full lives;

  • Embraces those who come here as immigrants or refugees as full members of our community;

  • Can breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy our natural environment;

  • Lives free from fear of all forms of violence, including state-sanctioned violence; and

  • Embraces the truth that there are enough resources in our community for all people to prosper.



How we work toward our vision

We work to advance this vision for Durham as a model progressive community by:

  • Building a multi-racial, multi-class coalition;

  • Working in solidarity with other progressive groups;

  • Engaging with Durham’s elected officials and holding them accountable 365 days a year;

  • Developing and advocating for just, equitable and inclusive policies, practices and budgets;

  • Developing progressive leaders; and

  • Educating and building the capacity of Durhamites to be progressive activists who:

1. Vote and show up for direct action

2. Advocate for progressive elected officials, policies & practices

3. Promote change within their spheres of influence

4. Educate others on causes aligned to our vision


This vision and mission statement was voted on and approved by the PA membership on August 8, 2017

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