People's Alliance Action Teams

PA members organize action teams focused on specific issues that affect our Durham community. The focus of these teams vary depending on the current prominence of issues and on volunteer leadership. We encourage members to lead organizing efforts directed at new issues. We're proud that local organizing efforts such as the Durham Living Wage Campaign and the You Can Vote Project were born out of PA action teams. 

Non-PA members are welcome to attend and participate in our action teams.

Here are descriptions of our action teams and their meeting dates/locations. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to the listed contact!

Eviction Crisis Campaign: In collaboration with the Coalition for Affordable Housing & Transit, Legal Aide and Neighborhood Improvement Services this team works on efforts so residents of all incomes can afford to live in Durham. Our vision is access to affordable housing for all.

  • Current Priorities: stop evictions; advocate new homes for low-income renters and home buyers; expand tax assistance to help lower-income homeowners stay in their homes;
  • Meetings: As needed
  • Contacts: Lorisa Seibel ([email protected]).

Economic Justice: Advocates for policies that ensure that all Durham residents have access to high-quality jobs that pay a living wage with benefits and the opportunity to acquire and make use of productive assets. In addition, we advocate for progressive tax policies that ensure businesses and residents pay their fair share to support adequate public services.

  • Current Priorities: workforce development (esp. through Durham Tech); tax policy; entrepreneurship/economic development; green jobs
  • Meetings: TBD
  • Contact: TBD

Education: Works to support a unified public education system for all families in Durham. We believe in local control of tax dollars so that families and elected officials can make decisions about Durham’s educational system. The Education Team encourages collaboration and creative approaches to education. Teachers, families, and students should be participants in the decisions made about our schools.

  • Current Priorities: Strategizing for upcoming budget season, working with the Durham community, the DPS Board of Education, and Durham County Commission on pay raise for Certified staff and differential pay for teachers of exceptional children
  • Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 8:00 - 9:30pm
  • Contact: Vanessa ([email protected])

Racial Equity: Works to dismantle systemic racism — a system of societal and institutional beliefs and policies that upholds white supremacy and oppresses people of color — throughout our community.

  • Current Priorities: N/A
  • Meetings: Coming soon!
  • Contacts: Coming soon!

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