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The Durham People’s Alliance Education Team works to support a unified Public Education system for all families in Durham. We believe in local control of tax dollars so that families and elected officials can make decisions about Durham’s educational system. The Education Team encourages collaboration and creative approaches to education. We feel that teachers, families and students should be participants in the decisions made about our schools. 

Our priority proposal:

The North Carolina Legislature continues to pass regressive legislation that negatively affects public education. Local budgets are cut and teachers are demoralized. At the same time grass roots advocacy is growing in response to the assault from the General Assembly and local organizing is getting stronger.


  1. Support the “I Heart Teachers" Campaign
  2. Support efforts to decrease Suspensions / Drop Outs

  3. Monitor Standardized Testing

  4. Monitor Issues before the Board of Education, County Commissioners, and General Assembly

  5. Evaluate and Support Candidates for Public Office based on their record and platforms related to support of public education

  6. Spread Awareness of Education Issues through Community Roundtables

Information and Idea Dissemination
PA members look to the Ed Team for information about education issues. Part of our mission is to raise awareness among our membership and to the community at-large.

Action items:

  1. Organize and implement regular community round table discussions on topics designated by the team.
  2. Be publicly responsive to issues that affect the public schools. This includes letters to the editor, speaking at Board of Education meetings and attending public education events.
  3. Collaborate with other Education Advocacy and community groups to sponsor informative events.
  4. Collaborate to present a film event about public education.

Board of Education Elections
The Ed Team will focus some of its efforts to guide the PA PAC endorsement process. 

Action items:

  1. Develop and disseminate a candidate questionnaire.
  2. Interview all the candidates and make recommendations to the PA PAC.
  3. Work in support of the endorsed candidates leading up to the 2017 election.


Team Leadership:

Molly Parks:


Click here to download the Education Team's 2018 Goals.

Click here to download the Education Team's Principles.


  • Christopher Sanford
    commented 2016-09-12 19:40:09 -0400
    What is the calendar for Education Team meetings?

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