Budget Action FY25


City Council

Consider any and all of the following action steps

  • Attend the Durham For All Rally - May 20th at 5:45
  • Attend the City Council meeting afterwards at 7:00
  • Speak in support of one or more of the PA budget Priorities
  • Send an email to individual City Council Members:

Mayor Leonardo Williams: [email protected]

Mayor Pro Tem Mark-Anthony Middleton: [email protected]

DeDreana Freeman: [email protected]

Chelsea Cook: [email protected]

Nate Baker: [email protected]

Javiera Cabellero: [email protected]

Carl Rist: [email protected]


Email Content

Dear Council Member ___________: As a member of People's Alliance I am writing today in support of all the budget priorities sent to you by the PA board on May 19th. PA represents hundreds of members and moves thousands of voters every election cycle. In our almost 50 year history we have often fought for progressive values and we will continue to do so today.

You can write specifically about a budget request that speaks to you or a simple message of support for all the items in the PA letter to City Council.

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