A Message of Solidarity from PA’s Co-Presidents

We are outraged and grieving at the Black lives taken unjustly by police violence and white supremacy. 

The violence against Black people must stop. Those with power, wealth, and white privilege must end their targeted killings of the descendants of those whom the United States enslaved in order to build this country. The deep trauma of how Blackness has been looted resonates unbearably and constantly. Corporations, museums, and governmental entities have stolen and continue to steal Black culture, Black ideas, and Black votes, all while resisting Black wealth building and healing. Meanwhile, terorrism against Black bodies continues.

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Call to action: Support PA's City/County Budget Advocacy!

At a time of great uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, public officials at both the city and county levels in Durham continue to work to complete their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year 2020-2021. Since early in the year, PA (led by its action teams and board) has been advocating for the inclusion of several specific budget requests that support our vision of a just, equitable, and inclusive community where all people thrive. These requests include additional funding for rental assistance and eviction diversion, added support for race equity, a proposal for county-wide property tax assistance for low-income homeowners, expanded investments in environmental sustainability, and a living wage for all Durham Public Schools (DPS) employees.

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Uplifting More COVID-19 Responses & Resources

People's Alliance Members -- 

PA has signed onto several important platforms calling for a just, progressive response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please sign on yourself and share widely!

Resources for the Durham community

PA is also continuing to uplift important resources for our community members in need as well as ways to provide mutual aid. This week, we’re highlighting important resources and mutual aid for Durham families with kids, nonprofits, and small businesses.

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