Response to Special Committee on School Shootings

As educators, parents, and citizens, we are troubled by the report issued by the Governor’s Crime Commission Special Committee on School Shootings (SCSS) on February 7, 2019. We do not believe that the approach advocated by SCSS will have a positive or effective impact on school safety. In fact, we fear some suggestions will create more disparities and safety issues. We have some policy suggestions that are empirically proven to make schools safer, both emotionally and physically.

Download the full statement here.

Durham County Commissioners to Consider Renewable Energy Resolution

At the November 5 work session, the Durham County Commissioners will consider whether to pass a renewable energy resolution presented by the Durham Environmental Affairs Board. The “Resolution of the Durham County Commission Supporting a Transition to Renewable Energy, the Creation of Green Jobs, and a Federal Price on Carbon” calls for the County to create a plan to transition County operations to 80 percent renewable energy by 2040 and 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, which is similar to what many other North Carolina communities such as Hillsborough, Charlotte, Carrboro, Greensboro and Asheville, have passed.


The resolution is intended to establish an aspirational goal, and to send a message to Duke Energy, the state and federal government, and other communities around North Carolina, that expansion of renewable energy capacity should be a policy priority, and that municipalities have an important role to play in combating climate change. Durham has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability through support of initiatives such as the Durham-Chapel Hill light rail, LEED certification of public buildings, and green space investments. This resolution will deepen Durham’s dedication to a sustainable future.


During the November 5 work session at 9 AM, the Environmental Affairs Board will present the resolution to the County Commissioners, answer any questions from the Commissioners about the resolution and ask the Commissioners to pass the resolution. Residents and interested individuals can request to comment (3 min maximum) on the resolution at the beginning of the meeting. The City of Durham will also consider the resolution, but it has not been placed on a work session agenda yet.

Download the full resolution here.

Race Equity Team's Recommendations to Reform Justice System

PA's Race Equity team conducted a months long process, engaging many community partners, to identify key areas of action to build a more just criminal justice system in Durham. This process led to a long list of recommendations that could be implemented over the short and long term. The team further narrowed that list to prioritize actions that should be implemented in the first hundred days of the Deberry and Birkhead administrations, which will begin January 2019.

This is a list of those recommendations (download here).


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