Housing And Community Development Funds at Risk

Our PA Housing Committee is working tirelessly So ALL can call Durham Home.  They need your assistance with the following urgent action item:

On Monday, May 2nd, 7pm, at City Hall, please stand with the People's Alliance Housing Committee to support the Southside Neighborhood.


We will ask City Council to fully fund services & housing to revitalize the Southside Neighborhood, along side the redevelopment of Rolling Hills. The for profit developer hired by the City will just build in Rolling Hills. Durham nonprofits will work with the SouthsideNeighborhood.

Housing, jobs, and services are needed for real transformation of Southside for the people who live there. Southside is one of three target neighborhoods. Please ask the City to complete the revitalization of Northeast Central Durham and Southwest Central Durham.

In this recession, we should increase our commitment to house the homeless and prevent homelessness throughout Durham. SIGN THE PETITION!

Contact City Council at: 560-4333 or [email protected]

Please help us get the word out and take action today!

During this recession it is imperative that Durham maintain basic services that feed the hungry, house the homeless, and improve neighborhoods.

Please ask City Council to:
1- Keep funding basic human services.

2- Maintain the same level of affordable housing production.

3- Invest in all three target areas (Southside, NECD, SWCD) and their residents.

4- Call a "Summit" to develop a funding plan to continue basic services, housing, and other critical needs.
Contact City Council TODAY [email protected] and ask them to continue funding services for residents and continue to revitalize downtown neighborhoods.

SIGN THE PETITION! (and then pass it along!)

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