751 Assemblage - Fight It!

751 Rezoning Petition - BOCC Needs to Hear from YOU!

Have you signed the petition yet? PA has been hard at work getting signatures on both our hard copy and online petitions urging our City and County Government officials to vote NO on the 751 rezoning case. The County Commissioners open hearings on 751 at7:00 p.m. on June 23rd. Please mark your calendar - we need to let them know that this is not a good plan for Durham - it is ALL PAIN, NO GAIN!

The 751 Assemblage (rezoning case number Z0800003 - changing land from rural low-density to mixed use high-density) is a $500 million, residential and commercial project proposed for 165 acres in the environmentally sensitive land adjacent to Jordan Lake, the plans for which include 600,000 square feet of retail and office space and 1,300 residential units.

  1. The developers do not commit to assisting with transportation. No buses = no jobs for urban Durhamites who need them most.

  2. The developers do not commit to affordable housing.

  3. The developers do not commit to meeting proposed new regulations for Jordon Lake water quality - posing the question - who will pay the cost of the retrofits which will be in the millions?

  4. The developers do not commit to restrict retail to fewer than 75,000 square feet; there is nothing to stop this from becoming more big-box sprawl.

  5. The project further imperils the already impaired water quality of Jordon Lake

  6. The project will contribute to air pollution with an estimated 40,000 new trips a day.

  7. Low wage, low skilled workers will not be able to get to, or afford to live in, 751 South

  8. The infrastructure to support the project is a drain of tax dollars, and certainly no gain for Durham taxpayers: for the first 10 years, new county taxes will cover building a new school only; and new estimated city revenues may not cover the development's need for police, fire, garbage, recycling, street maintenance, storm water monitoring, parks and rec.

This is NOT smart growth - This is growth REGARDLESS OF TAXPAYER COST! The bottom line- 751 is in the wrong place.

The only way to stop this is with YOUR help. First, Sign the Petition if you haven't already (and pass it on!)   http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/VoteNo751

Then please email, call, or write the County Commissioners and cc the City Council: [email protected][email protected]

This case should go to the City to work out water and sewer before any approval vote by the Commissioners. Tell the Commissioners to either VOTE NO on 751, or at the least pass on voting until the City has worked out water and sewer.

Please help us educate the citizens Durham -

Tell your friends and neighbors to take action today!

We also have some other exciting ways to get involved with this issue here at PA. Please email Kate at [email protected] to find out more.

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