751 South Development in the General Assembly

Today a bill, SB 315, was filed by Representative Tim Moore from Cleveland County. This bill would force the city of Durham to extend utilities to the 751 South development. Just last week the Durham City Council voted not to extend these utilities, but back-room deals have been going on in the past week. Senator Floyd McKissick, who valiantly turned back a similar effort last year, now has thrown his lot in with Representative Moore in an unprecedented usurpation of local control.

This bill comes up for a vote this week, and we need to act now to stop it!

WRITE AND CALL our delegation in Raleigh tonight (leave messages).

Tell them to stand with the citizens of Durham and VOTE NO.

Land use decisions should not be made at the state level to curry favor with well-heeled developers.

[email protected],  919-733-5872

[email protected], 919-733-4599

[email protected], 919-715-2528

[email protected], 919-733-7663

[email protected], (919) 733-4809

[email protected], 919-715-3019 


Durham citizens have stood strong in opposition to this development and developers tactics for YEARS.

We need our Delegation to stand up for us NOW!

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