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As we enter a new year -- a time for recommitting to strengthen our community and ourselves -- our commitment as members of the Durham People’s Alliance is to better connect and support one another to step up more, risk more, give more, and do more to advance a more progressive North Carolina. We know that we live in times that will ask more of each us. We have heard from many of you and know you are ready to do more. What often holds us back is figuring out what we can do with our limited resources and time to fight back and advance a better, more just, more equitable place where all people can live well.

We are writing to share two concrete opportunities PA is launching in 2017 that provide you clear ways to be braver, push harder, and demand more in 2017. These are strategic actions that can build our collective power and influence as a progressive community. These are highly engaged actions, and also actions you can take from your home.  

Progressive Action #1: Serve as a community connector by leading a community conversation. Community Conversations are a new initiative that PA is launching. These small groups will come together throughout the year to build community amongst themselves, discuss issues facing our state, and mobilize action when called. Community Connectors are the individuals who organize a community conversation group. PA will support Community Connectors by helping with logistics, providing facilitation training and organizing gatherings of community connectors across Durham to come together throughout the year to support and be a resource to each other. All Community Connectors need to have participated in - or plan to in early 2017 - a race equity training (PA may be able to provide funds for this training).

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becoming a Community Connector

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Build your skills in community organizing and facilitating conversations

  • Develop your leadership capacity

  • Connect with like-minded progressives across Durham and forge new relationships

If you’re not interested in serving as a Community Connector but would like to be a part of these Community Conversations, we will share a sign-up for these groups in the coming month.


Progressive Action #2: Join a Political Accountability Team, to help hold local elected officials accountable to our progressive values. This year, we will also launch these new teams that will attend (or watch online) meetings of local elected bodies - County Commissioners, City Council and/or Board of Education. These teams of around 4 people will organize amongst themselves to have one person attend or watch each meeting, record notes of key votes and comments and share them with PA to be posted in a new online platform.

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serving on a Political Accountability Team

 This is a great opportunity to:

  • Develop deep knowledge about local politics

  • Provide a valuable new resource to Durham citizens who want to be more informed about local politics

  • Take leadership in a role that is flexible (most work can be done from the comfort of your home) and requires few meetings


If you sign up for either of these opportunities, someone will reach out to you to follow-up with more information about next steps and answer any questions you have. You can also email Magan at [email protected] with questions.

If you don’t currently have the capacity to take on either of these new roles - but you’re excited about these opportunities to advance a more progressive Durham - please consider making a donation today to support this work.  

We’re excited to work alongside you in the coming year. Together, we will keep fighting.

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