PA Redistricting Statement, July 2011

PA Redistricting Statement

The PA Coordinating Committee sent the following statement to the state redistricting committee members. This case will likely end up in court. Our opposition statement, and those that you personally sent, will be in the testimony records.
The Durham People’s Alliance is firmly opposed to the proposed redistricting lines. This is due to the packing of African-American voters, which makes no sense. Durham has a long history of cross-racial voting. Split-precincts, beyond the administrative difficulties and costs, will make it extremely difficult for citizens to know whom they are voting for and to understand who represents them.

Durham voters are a distinct community of interest, and choose to vote on issues rather than race. Take a look at Durham city council, county commission, and our legislative delegation. Historically, Durham voters have chosen representation without bias to race or gender. People’s Alliance is an issue-based community organization, and we feel our current delegation represents our issues, our city, and our constituents very well. If these proposed lines are enacted, voters will be disenfranchised and polarized. The current proposed districts show a misuse and misinterpretation of the Voting Rights Act.

[signed] Durham People’s Alliance Coordinating Committee

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