New Website, Same Progressive Vision

The Durham People's Alliance has been leading the way, fighting for progressive causes in Durham for more than thirty five years.  In the pre-internet age, paper and pen petitions and screen printed t-shirts helped us win the long fight to integrate the Durham Public Schools, and helped us ensure that every resident has the right to know what's in their drinking water.

Over a decade ago, we lead the way again in adopting the digital age as a means to organize for social justice.  In 1997 we helped pass Durham's first living wage ordinance, and in 1998 we moved online with the launch of

But the times have changed, and the internet today is a far cry from the internet of 1998.

When first launched,  Google was an obscure 2-month old search engine, and Netscape Navigator ruled the digital realm (and Miley Cyrus was only six!).

Today, a new generation of web users and web-tools have emerged.  This is a new internet.  We now have a participatory interweb, a social network driven paradigm called Web 2.0.

It's time again for the Durham People's Alliance to transform and grow.  This is why we're so proud to announce the launch of Version 2.0.

It may look like something new, but our new website really just our natural next step.  We're going to use these new tools, together, to keep organizing for a new and better Durham for all.

If you're not already an official member, won't you please join?

Also:  If you have a website suggestion or simply a comment or kudos, please leave it in the comments section here.  Our comments section supports Globally Recognized Avatars (Gravatars), so please consider signing up for one of them too!

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