Education Committee to Host Community Meeting

The People’s Alliance Education Committee is hosting a community meeting with DPS Superintendent Dr. Eric Becoats on Tuesday, August 16th. The Education Committee wants to learn about the new equity allocation plan. This plan is a formula for allocation of resources within DPS.

Here are some items that members of our group would like Dr. Becoats to address:

  1. 1. The “basics” of the allocation plan, including the formula and the kinds of teaching positions that are included in using it; for example, does the formula only allocate core teachers, such as a third grade teacher, or are other positions included?

  2. 2. What positions are allocated “outside” the formula? For example, how are AIG, ESL, special education, art, music, library, counseling and PE positions allocated?

  3. 3. We think there is a “supplies” component to the formula. Could you please explain this?

  4. 4. What effect, if any, does test performance have under this plan?

  5. 5. What effect, if any, does the General Assembly’s requirement for hiring in K-3 have on this plan? What effect does it have overall for staffing in DPS?

All are welcome. The meeting will be held at the Stanford Warren Library at 7:00 p.m. on August 16th.

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