CAN Delegates Assembly

On Sunday, May 22nd, Durham CAN (Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods) held their internal assembly. PA delegates were in attendance, and PA's top two issues (education and very affordable housing) were among the top five issues voted on for upcoming action campaigns.


PA is now calling for members to attend the CAN Delegate's Assembly on Sunday, June 5th from  3-4:30pm at the Watts Street Baptist Church (800 Watts). Public officials from the city, county, school system, as well as Chamber of Commerce members will be in attendance. It has the nature of a rally, things always start and end on time, and PA needs AT LEAST 15 persons to come. This is a great chance to wear your PA t-shirts and buttons!

Wear Your Support!

To go along with our technology updates and new look, we also created some new gear for our supporters!


Contact the PA office today to get a new PA t-shirt or bumper sticker. Get one of these great-looking shirts with a $15 dollar donation (or free with new household membership). This 3x3 sticker would look great on your rear window! We are asking for a $2 donation, or get it free with new single membership. If you are a lapsed member, renew today and we'll send you a sticker!


If you would like either of these items, click below and let us know details in special instructions. Thank you!


PA Delegates Needed

People's Alliance, as a member organization of Durham CAN (Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods), will be allocated up to seven votes at the assembly coming up on May 22nd, from 3:00-4:30 at El Centro Hispano, 201 W. Main St (they always start and finish on time). The delegates at this assembly will ultimately decide what issues CAN will take action on this year. We surveyed our members earlier this year to find the issues you are most concerned about. The two stand-out issues were very low-income housing and education. Please let us know if you are able to attend as a PA delegate to ensure our voice is heard at this assembly. Please email [email protected] if you are able to attend.

Other upcoming CAN Dates:

June 5th: Delegates Assembly (where the issues decided upon at the Internal Assembly will be announced to media and government leaders). Location TBD.


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