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Please take a moment to read the following article, written by Tom Miller, President of the Durham InterNeighborhood Council. Then please email and urge elected officials not to give in to the billboard companies.The City of Durham unanimously rejected Electronic Billboards in 2010 - there is no reason for the state to take away our local control!

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Neighborhood advocates and neighborhood organizations all across the state are joining forces to oppose the billboard bills, S.B 183 and H.B. 309, now pending in the general assembly.  These identical bills would allow clear cutting of trees to "improve" billboard visibility and what's worse, the bills would wrest control of billboards from local government and allow as many as 7 billboards a mile along NC roads and highways - even in towns and cities!  The bills would allow billboard owners to put up digital billboards anyplace a regular billboard could go.  These are bad bills and we need to stop them.


The bills are due to be taken up in the house and senate transportation committees this week.  We need to write to the members of both committees and let them know we don't want the legislature in Raleigh ramming digital billboards down our throats.


The addresses of the committee members appear below.  Send each a brief, but unequivocal message to vote against these bills.  Send the same message to your own senators and representatives.


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