Economic Inequality Team

The People’s Alliance Economic Inequality action team advocates for policies that ensure that all Durham residents have access to high-quality jobs that pay a living wage with benefits, and the opportunity to acquire and make use of productive assets. In addition, we advocate for progressive tax policies that ensure that businesses and residents pay their fair share to support adequate public services. 

The Economic Inequality action team's most recent key accomplishments include:

  • Successfully advocated against a regressive garbage fee to pay for new garbage trucks and advocated instead for the revenue to come from property tax revenues.
  • Launched the Durham Living Wage Project, which certifies private employers that pay a living wage.
  • Successfully advocated for an appropriation of funds from Durham County to support free tax preparation services organized by Reinvestment Partners.
  • Successfully advocated for the City of Durham to be on a path to paying all city workers at least $15.
  • Provided key community support (and yard signs) in support of Faculty Forward effort to organize adjunct faculty at Duke University.

Meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of each month.  Check the events calendar or Activist Alerts to confirm. 

For more information, contact Austin Amandolia.





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