Vision Statement

What we want our community to be like:
A community can be more than a place where people live.  It can be a place where people live well.  We are committed to a community where all basic needs are met and each individual has the opportunity for a life of accomplishment, dignity and pride.
We envision our community, from local to global, as one which follows these principles:
Community Guarantee of Basic Needs
Our economy will provide full employment in safe workplace.  In our community there will be affordable housing, health care, public transportation, quality childcare and education for our children, nutritious food available at reasonable prices, and recreational and cultural opportunities open to all. The cost of providing for basic needs will be distributed fairly within the community.
Celebration of Diversity
Our community will be a place where the perspectives of diverse groups such as different races, economic classes, genders, religious perspectives, sexual orientation, ages, and abilities, are respected.  There will be an atmosphere of tolerance, good humor, and recognition of diverse cultural values.
Our economy will encourage local self-sufficiency through the use of renewable resources of both energy and goods.  We will maintain clean air, water and a variety of natural environments.
Local Decision-Making
Citizens will participate in democratic decision-making within our neighborhoods and community.  People affected by decisions will play a major role in those decisions.

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