Sondra Stein


Sondra has done a lot of community and political organizing in St. Louis, Boston, D.C., as well as in Durham. She joined PA because it is an activist organization that shares her values and that is committed to working for change (and changing itself as it does so) in alliance with other community organizations on the issues that are most important to her: ending inequality, building race equity, assuring quality, affordable education and health care for all, fighting to preserve and extend voting rights and civil rights for everyone who lives in the community.

A life-time adult educator, Sondra is deeply committed to building a future in which her granddaughter and three grandsons can become who they want to be and live healthy, productive lives. 

Sondra credits Paulo Freire as the person who has inspired her most in shaping how she lives and works with others.

In her spare time, Sondra loves gardening, photography, traveling with her husband, hanging out with friend and family, and making a difference.



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