DeDreana Freeman

DeDreana is a firm believer that working in the community that she lives in is an important way to affect change in a way that benefits all of Durham. It's also important to DeDreana that we address issues of discrimination and privilege that impact working mothers, young professionals, same gender-loving couples, seniors on fixed incomes, people with disabilities and people trying to start or maintain their own businesses. 

DeDreana is a member of PA's racial equity and affordable housing action teams. This year she is most focused on housing and how we address the disparity in the tax evaluation that ushers in more gentrification, without relief. Recognizing that it is not the individual but the systems in place that reinforce wealth disparity, residential/commercial displacement, and inequity, she intends to spend much of her time in the coming year trying to find tools and resources to address the disparities.

DeDreana is inspired by the multitude of women doing dynamic things, that surround her and shine the light on her pathway forward.

In her spare time she enjoys planning family road trips, going for walks or hiking with her husband and children, window shopping and reading--all without applying any makeup. Natural Beauty ROCKS!


Twitter: @DeDreanaFreeman

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