Meet Your PA Board


Magan Thigpen, Co-President
"I am committed to ensuring that all children have access to a high-quality public education."

Marion Johnson, Co-President
"I hate bullies. Without a strong and vocal community organization like PA, low-income and minority Durham residents get bullied by all kinds of parties, from indifferent property developers to an overly aggressive police force."  

William Durham, Co-Treasurer

Matthew Messana, Co-Treasurer

Alexana Garcia, Secretary
"Community is important to me, and I want to do my part to serve my community. I believe in PA's progressive vision for Durham and am committed to moving us towards equity and inclusion for all. 


Le'Andre Blakeney
"I am passionate about activism and organizing, and as a result, spends time working with Inside-Out alliance, an organization that organizes with folks who are currently in the Durham County Jail as well as with their loved ones."

Victoria Bright

Delvin Davis

John Davis
"I came to the People's Alliance as a board member after being involved with work that the PA education team has been doing to defend and transform public education in the face of ongoing budget cuts and privatization."

Gann Herman
"I joined PA in 1990 to fight for public schools."

Luke Hirst

Dabney Hopkins

Josephine Kerr Davis
"Change does not happen every election. It happens every day. I can no longer stand by and rest the changes that I want to see in my community at the feet of others.  It is my responsibility to get involved with like-minded individuals that are changing my community. There is no time like the current time to be a voice for change. As a member of the People’s Alliance, I have had the opportunity to see how the members work tirelessly to address the needs of the Durham community."

Ricky Leung

Leslie Nydick
"For my entire adult life, I’ve been consumed by a vision of justice and equality for all, regardless of race or religion or economic status."

Molly Parks
"My interest in joining the board stems from my commitment to advancing the progressive agenda in Durham, and my belief that this set of values is what will continue to move us toward a city that is livable and welcoming to all of our citizens."

Sara Terry
"PA answers the call to be Durham's progressive voice - daily, weekly, monthly - for public education, affordable housing, living wages, LGBTQ rights and more.  I know PA needs me to be there too."

Tommie Watson
"I joined People's Alliance days after moving to Durham because I wanted to support PA's role in the community as an influential advocate for social and economic justice."

Michael Young
"I want to support organizing, education and mobilization in Durham to build a community that is inclusive, fair and decent for all who live here. The People's Alliance has been at the forefront of that work, and I want to support that continued movement toward justice."



L'Tanya Durante
"PA is a consistent, progressive force in our community. I'm proud to be part of this vital work."


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