PA is a unique community, one where we strive to do more and be better; one where we ask ourselves hard questions about what it will take to create a more equitable and just city. PA is not only a political home for so many but also a place where people have forged lifelong friendships over our shared values and commitment to Durham.

From over 40 years of advocating for a Durham where all people can live well, one thing we have learned is that progress is not a spectator sport. Progress happens when individuals band together and fully commit. Progress happens when we are all  in-- when each of us commits what we can for the benefit of our common good. PA’s work is funded 100% by the contributions of our members.

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Benefits of PA Membership

People’s Alliance has long and proud history of progressive activism and successful advocacy on local issues, including improving public education, expanding affordable housing, protecting our civil and voting rights, supporting healthy and ethical economic development, regionalizing public transportation, working for tax fairness and protecting the environment. We are 100% member funded, which leaves us free to do the work that needs to be done. Over the years, the members of the People’s Alliance have demonstrated that by leading on the issues that matter and helping to elect and support responsive, progressive government officials. 

Our vision is that Durham can be more than a place where people live. It can be a place where people live well. We are committed to a community where all basic needs are met and each individual has the opportunity for a life of accomplishment, dignity and pride. We envision our community, from local to global, as one that follows these principles: community guarantee of basic needs; celebration of diversity; stewardship; and local decision-making.

Your 2017 Membership Dues entitles you to the opportunity to be a part of Durham’s progressive community. Specifically, you will receive:

  • Voting privileges for key policy and governance issues and positions that People’s Alliance will take, as well as for electing PA Board members and officers.   
  • The ability to join and engage with PA Action Teams who are working to make Durham a better place to live.
  • The opportunity to help decide PA-PAC’s candidate endorsements, which significantly influence elections in Durham.  To vote in a PA-PAC endorsement meeting, you must have been a PA member for at least 30 days prior to any endorsement vote.
  • Regular occasions to connect and engage with other Durham progressives.
  • The PA Newsletter which informs members about what PA members have been doing, progress on issues that we are confronting and reminders of meetings and events.  
  • Twice monthly Activist Alert e-mails, which include local activist events, progressive community gatherings, election information and other information of interest to Durham’s progressive community. 

Most importantly, your membership supports the continued work of one of the longest serving progressive organizations in North Carolina.  We cannot do this work without our members and the time and financial support they give.  Thanks for being a part of what makes People’s Alliance great.  

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