Petition for Compact Neighborhoods

Petition for an inclusive, in-depth process for public involvement in planning “Compact Neighborhoods” around proposed light rail stations.

Durham City and County governments are planning “Compact Neighborhoods” for future development near light rail stations. Around each station, a “Compact Neighborhood” is planned to promote higher density development, including residential, retail, office, and other uses.

“Compact Neighborhoods” are planned to benefit residents, transit users, and Durham. Transit, sidewalks, bike facilities, and increased activity may improve safety and health. However, zoning changes may affect property uses, values, taxes, rents, and home prices.

In Fall 2015, the City Council and County Commission are expected to vote on boundaries of “Compact Neighborhoods”. Later, the City and County will develop zoning regulations and decide which zoning applies to which areas in “Compact Neighborhoods”.

Now is the time to inform and involve the public through in-depth planning of:

1) boundaries of “Compact Neighborhoods” around transit stations, and
2) zoning regulations for each area in “Compact Neighborhoods”.


Petition to Durham City Council and County Commission to:

1. Involve more public input, especially from residents, businesses, and groups that could be affected by “Compact Neighborhoods";

2. Engage neighborhoods, businesses, and groups to solicit direct and meaningful public participation in plans for each transit station area;

3. Inform residents, businesses, and groups in and around proposed “Compact Neighborhoods” about the benefits and potential impacts of higher density development, including the effects of higher zoning, taxes, rents, and home prices on the stability of local neighborhoods, small businesses, and residents of all incomes;

4. Ensure that communities around transit stops receive the benefits anticipated and mitigate any unintended consequences;

5. Provide equitable solutions to ensure that:

  • neighborhoods stay stable and livable,
  • businesses can continue and have options for comparable locations,
  • residents can stay in their homes;
  • residents have opportunities for homes with long-term affordability;
  • residents have safe access to transit by sidewalks, bike lanes & trails.

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  • signed 2017-04-09 13:04:35 -0400
    I strongly believe in compacting this city in addition to establishing a better transportation system. We need to prevent urban sprawl!
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